Vic Farm Service Pty Ltd - Boomera Angus Sunbury
As you can see in the photos, the application I have used the Fencestay assemblies were absolutely ideal. This year we found ourselves with a massive excess of hay, so the “no brainer” for me was to wrap our excess hay along 2 seperate paddock fence lines and fence them off from the stock using Fencestay, knowing that eventually these temporary fences and assemblies will be taken down and re-purposed for another application. These assemblies are the answer, easy to assemble and set up. As the photos show the fences are high strain 5 wire fences, one fence being 278 metres long and the other at 184 metres, they strained up really well and held their composure without any further attention. We farm just over 3000 acres and are running over 400 black angus breeders at anyone time, strip grazing most of pasture paddocks and for our operation, Fencestay has found a place in our operation by allowing us to setup strip grazing laneways and access points within our main paddocks and moving them on to the next paddock rotations. In summary, I have found Fencestay is a well thought out and engineered product that is so simple to implement. Thank you for your great service and a great product, I look forward to using the large Fencestay assemblies for a 300 acre paddock division.

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