FS-2000 HD

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HD Fencestay Assembly. Supply Your own MAXI or XL Starpickets or 65mmN.B.Posts (Recommend 1800mm or longer)

$110.00 inc. GST

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What: steel end assembly or strainer assembly.

Driveable into the ground.

No digging… etc….

No concrete needed.

Good for low stock pressure fences – not getting pushed on hard.  Permanent Fences.

Good for electric fences

And good for gateways

Made from fully galvanised steel – benefits – rust resistant

High stock pressure

Suits 1200mm high fences.

Fencestay’s FS2000HD is a steel end assembly, (strainer assembly) makes installing fences quick, easy and a one man (or woman) job. This product is ideal for high stock pressure and permanent fences, suitable for 1200mm high. Great for electric fences, FS2000 is made from fully galvanised steel, making the product rust resistant and long lasting. Drivable into the ground, requiring NO DIGGING or CONCRETE, making it easier, cheaper and faster! You can use existing galvanised pipes, or purpose built Fishmouth posts with ends cuts to help driving into the ground much easier. Try our Post Drivers help drive the posts into the ground, and our Barbed Wire Trolley to help make the job even easier and safer.


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    by vaughan brown

    Hi, I am a retired teacher who is managing a 300 acre cattle property for my father-in-law. I first needed to fence off sections within my house site so the cattle could graze most of the yard while I built my house and so I did not need to mow as much. I wanted to find a fencing product that I could install myself. I used the FS-2000 HD as the end assemblies where I needed to hang a gate. I used the “how to” videos on Youtube as a guide and I found it straight forward. I also phoned Steve from Fencestay a few times for advice (and he pointed out that I needed to use 1.8m Maxi star pickets instead of 1.2m Maxi star pickets – which, of course, is already written on the Fencestay website.) I have continued to use this product but now I have a motorised post driver (Christie engineering post driver with a Honda petrol engine which has an aperture large enough to accommodate the 76mm diameter posts (65mmNB) supplied by Fencestay). I use self tapping screws to attach the FS-2000 HD end assembly to the posts using my battery powered Makita impact driver. The only other tool I use is a fence strainer to strain the fence wire once I have finished the end assembly. Hanging the gates is also straight forward using the gate kit supplied by Fensestay, self tapping screws and a sprocket set. Becasue I can do it all myself it has saved me alot of money. It is certainly strong enough. I latest job I did was to fence off one of our dams after it was renovated to stop the cattle trampling the new work.

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