The Benefits of Fencestay Rural Fencing Solutions

fs 2025 hd gate hardware kit

Steve Casamento’s long-loved industry of engineering began in 1991. Where simple mechanical solutions became his passion. Having owned a rural property himself and working with friends who operate rural properties, Steve saw a need for an easier way to create a wire fence end assembly.

Steve spent years perfecting Fencestay products to provide the safest, most convenient rural fencing solutions available in Australia today. All Fencestay products are long-lasting and durable, offering cost and labour savings to rural landholders while also utilising the highest-quality farm fencing solution.


Our most Popular Farm Fencing Products are made for Australian Rural Farming Conditions

Rural farm conditions in Australia can be harsh and unforgiving, marking the Fencestay farm fence solutions as a first choice for many landholders. We have created our fencing products using the highest quality materials which do not degrade in the adverse conditions seen in Australia. Fast assembly and low labour capitalisation for installation is a mainstay of all Fencestay farm fencing solutions, delivering to our rural customers low-cost initiatives coupled with the highest quality farm fencing supplies.


Let’s look deeper at some of Fencestay’s top-selling products and their benefits to landowners and rural farming operations in Australia, and indeed the world:


Strainer Assemblies:

There are many different sizes to best suit your land.

No digging, no concrete, no hard labour or capitalisation.

The posts are made of fully galvanised steel, making it rust-resistant. The patented design also is fire resistant, with no toxic treated pine or rotting timber.

The posts are sharpened making them drivable into the ground, which is physically easier on your arms.

Fencestay Strainer Assemblies – Rural Fencing Supplies


Hardware Kits:

Made of fully galvanised steel, fully suited to Australian rural conditions.

Fencestay Hardware Kits – Farm Fencing Supplies


Post Drivers:

Safer and more ergonomic design-driven.

Stronger natural grip, less fatigue on hands.

Weighted for easier drive power.

The length makes the drivers compact.

Fencestay Strainer Assemblies – Rural Fencing Supplies


Barbed wire trolley:

Safer storage and handling when building a Fencestay farm fence.

Easier, due to the mobility and easy access to the wire from the spool.

Quicker, due to the mobility and easy access to the wire.

Two different-sized wheels with the newly-added bigger wheel suited to uneven ground and can withstand rougher terrain, common to Australian rural conditions.

Collapsible for transport convenience.

Can be towed or pulled by your car or ATV.

Fencestay Barbed Wire Trolley – Agricultural Fencing


Fishmouth Posts:

Rust-resistant as they are made from fully galvanised steel.

Sharpened on one end to make it driveable.

A knock cap is included for the FS-2015, so the post doesn’t fill up with water.

The FS-1018 have wedged caps.

Fencestay Fishmouth Posts – Farm Fencing Strainer Post


We invite all rural landholders to view the Fencestay products from the online shop area, or speak directly to our knowledgeable staff via a phone call, and learn more about our Australian designed and tested farm fence solutions today.

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