Testing the Strength of Cutters and Pliers: Which Ones Came Out on Top?  Tim Thompson tells all

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When it comes to working with wires, particularly with Farm Fencing, every professional knows the importance of having reliable cutters and pliers. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned contractor, the tools you choose can make a significant difference in your efficiency and safety. In a recent YouTube video, Tim Thompson conducted a thorough test to determine which cutters and pliers excel in terms of cutting strength and ease of use. Let’s dive into the results of this intriguing experiment.

The Testing Setup for Farm Fence Installs

Tim’s approach to this test was meticulous. He lined up a selection of pliers and cutters and used 2.65 high tensile wire, providing a reasonable standard for the trial. A milling machine was employed to apply steady and increasing pressure to the pliers. A load cell recorded the Newton meters of force required to cut the wire. Tim placed the load cell in the middle of where you’d naturally grip the handles for each set of pliers, ensuring a fair assessment of their performance.

The Results

Pliers Number One: These achieved a notable 860 Newton meters of force to cut the wire, showcasing their impressive cutting strength. However, as Tim pointed out, cutting strength is just one aspect of a good set of pliers.

Toledo Fencing Pliers: The Toledo fencing pliers with a side cutter option managed to withstand over 540 Newton meters of force, proving their durability. However, they did require some setup adjustments during testing.

Stainless Steel Fencing Pliers from Horsley Wholesale: Tim tested three sets of these pliers in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch sizes. Surprisingly, the 8-inch model performed the worst with 830 Newtons, while the 10-inch model achieved a more respectable 576 Newtons. The 12-inch model required 448 Newton meters to cut through the wire.

NIPEX Pincers: These pincers, highly regarded for their wire-twisting capabilities, disappointed with 984 Newtons, making them unsuitable for cutting larger wires.

Footlong Nippers: As expected, they didn’t perform exceptionally well, requiring 546 Newton meters to cut through the wire.

Good Quality Side Cutters: These cutters achieved 788 Newtons of force, displaying their capability for cutting through tough wire.

Morn Electric Fencing Pliers: Sold by Gallagher in Australia, these pliers achieved a decent 540 Newtons of force.

Baby Morns: Smaller in size, these achieved a surprising 408 Newtons, likely due to their unique design.

Nippex Cutters: Distributed in Australia by White’s Rural, these were Tim’s go-to choice and performed admirably, requiring only 384 Newtons to cut the wire.

Why Grip Strength Matters

Tim emphasized the importance of grip strength when choosing tools, as it peaks in our mid to late 30s, and those with weaker grip strength might struggle with certain pliers. Additionally, using tools that require excessive grip strength can increase the risk of injury.

The Verdict: Top Choice for Farm Fence Installation

In this comprehensive test, the Nippex Cutters emerged as the top choice for fencing contractors in Australia. Their combination of cutting strength and ease of use made them a standout performer. However, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of your project and your own grip strength when selecting pliers or cutters.

In conclusion, Tim Thompson’s YouTube video provided valuable insights into the world of cutters and pliers. While the Nippex Cutters were the champions of this test, the results highlighted that the right tool for you might depend on various factors, including the type of work you do and your own physical capabilities. Remember, when it comes to tools when installing Fencestays End Assemblies, one size doesn’t fit all, so choose wisely to make your job easier and safer; one of our visions for all farm fencing installers.

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