Tim Thompson’s Revolutionary Fencestay Products: Transforming Rural Fencing with Fencestay, Whites and Hand Tools


Tim Thompson is a name synonymous with innovation in the world of rural and farm fencing. In this article, we delve into his use of the revolutionary Fencestay products to create robust all-metal fences using only hand tools. Thompson’s expertise and ingenious techniques have transformed the way fences are built, combining efficiency, durability, and safety for farm owners.

Fencestay Products: The Game-Changer for Rural and Farm Fencing

Thompson’s fencing journey begins with meticulous planning and the use of ground wires to establish a straight line for fence posts and fixings. This initial step sets the stage for a seamless and efficient fencing project.

Key to Thompson’s approach to efficient and sturdy Farm Fencing is the use of Fencestay products, particularly the FS2000 kit. These kits feature a 76mm down tube and are just under 2.2 meters long, making them ideal for secure fencing solutions. A petrol post rammer is employed to install these Fencestay kits with ease, significantly reducing installation time.

Whites and Fencestay: A Winning Combination for Efficient Farm Fencing

To enhance the strength and longevity of his fences, Thompson opts for Whites Stiff Stay 15cm Picket Spacing Wire. This wire incorporates high tensile top and bottom line wires, eliminating the need for additional support wires. This choice not only improves the fence’s structural integrity but also minimizes maintenance requirements.

Thompson doesn’t stop at just building fences; he takes it a step further by using Fencestay Gate Hanging Kits. These kits, combined with a shifter and ten minutes of work, allow for hassle-free gate installation at both ends of the fence, ensuring easy access to different areas of the farm – great for rural properties.

Efficiency with XL Stock Posts when installing fences to contain heavy farm stock.

Thompson’s dedication to efficiency continues with the use of XL stock posts from Whites for intermediate posts. These larger steel posts are remarkably sturdy and provide exceptional support for the fence. They are pre-marked for depth, making installation straightforward and ensuring uniformity along the fence line.

The Art of Wrapping End Assemblies when installing animal friendly farm fencing

Thompson’s method for wrapping Fencestay’s end assemblies is a true game-changer. By enveloping the entire end assembly with the wire, he creates a secure and animal-friendly fence. This technique eliminates the need for expensive joiners and keeps everything under tension, ensuring fence stability.

The Envelope Method: A Time-Saver for farm fencing

One of Thompson’s best-kept secrets is the envelope method. This technique involves wrapping the wire around the end post and tying end knots along the stay post. This method not only simplifies the process but also allows for quick adjustments if needed. It’s a time-saving strategy that every fence builder should consider.

A Strong, All-Steel Fence: The Result

Thompson’s meticulous planning and innovative use of Fencestay products, Whites wire, and XL stock posts culminate in the creation of a tight, strong, all-steel fence. These fences offer longevity, strength, and safety, making them a preferred fencing choice for farm owners and rural property owners.


Tim Thompson’s approach to rural and farm fencing has redefined the industry. His use of Fencestay products, Whites wire, and efficient techniques using hand tools showcases a commitment to quality and durability. As Thompson continues to share his expertise through videos and blogs, farm owners can look forward to more accessible, safer, and more robust fencing solutions.

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